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There is something wildly romantic about starting a new life with somebody in a different country than the one you were raised in—growing new roots with already existing shared roots. This is how our story began. We met each other in New York after separately arriving from Ukraine. Anastasia was planning on staying for only a year but then, our paths intersected and our directions were rerouted, towards each other and towards creative work. On top of our affection for one another, we discovered a mutual affection for quality design and hands­on craftsmanship. The result? Osta Jewelry. Why “Osta”? It’s the first part of our last name, Ostapovich. After working as a bench jeweler and completing the CAD program at the Gemological Institute of America in California, I (Vadim) began Osta with my wife, Anastasia. The passion all started with crafting personalized pieces for her. Now, our love story fostered jewelry is available for those who value intangible meaning behind tangible art. Like you.


We care about elegant and ethical design because we are artists at heart whose value systems run as deep as our artistry. Beauty and ethics are inseparable from each other. To craft beauty without a foundation of ethical production is to weaken the impact of the art. Because of this, we are forging a new way of keeping our hands in the entire production process. Fashion comes and goes. Excellent design never goes out of style. Our jewelry is as timeless as you and yours.


You know what you’re getting because we aren’t hiding anything. Around here, we do things the way we would want them done as customers ourselves. Every essential piece is hand designed in­house. The unique designs are sent directly to our personally known American manufacture, inspected by us, and sent to your door.