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Lazy Sunday

Anastasiia Ostapovich

Anyone else loves spending Sundays in their bed? Cuddled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.  Weekends are the best, take time to reflect and get energized for the week ahead of you. Xx

Osta Ring
Osta Rings

Wearing Sunrise ring + V ring + Diamond ring <3

Ali Rose Designer + Osta Jewelry

Anastasiia Ostapovich

The honor is ours, having some of Osta's favorites featured in Ali Rose's latest collection. Take a minute and sneak a peek at Miss Rose's pieces-- watch out, New York, she's blooming! 

Name: Ali Rose VanOverbeke 

Designer/Brand Name: ALI ROSE

Where are you from? Detroit, Michigan 

Who is your fashion icon? Marc Jacobs is my fashion father... basically. 

What inspired your thesis collection? 

My collection was inspired by my personal journey the past 6 years at Parsons. During my Sophmore year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & a list of other health problems that left me in chronic pain and fatigue. My creative process suffered severly as I began spending more time in hospitals and doctors offices than I was I was in the classroom. I ended up failing two semesters, that I completely had to redo, because I became so distracted by what was going on in my personal life. Towards the end of my Junior year I had a teacher (Alfredo Cabrera) encourage me to no longer be victimazed by my diagnosis but somehow allow it to inspire my design process. This was a huge turning point for me and my perspective completely changed. I began to find beauty in the clinical spaces I was spending so much time in. My collection references these nostalgic environments through a muted-sterile color palette, and textures that mimic hospital gown prints and outdated wallpaper. My nurse Mildred, who I see weekly for I.V. infusions, inspired the silouhette of my collection. She still wears more traditional nursing dresses, which led me to research nursing uniforms both past and present. I reinterpreted these uniforms and infused functional details such as cut outs in the interior of the arm on knitwear, and jacket sleeves that unzip all the way, so that the patient doesn't even have to take their jacket off when they are in the cold doctors office getting their blood drawn or an I.V. This collection is my personal declaration of victory over illness and failure. It is the physical manifestation of my healing - taking back ownership of my creativity. Turning something painful into a joyful and humurous story of nostalgia and healing.


What three characteristics do you need to succeed at Parsons?

-PERSEVERENCE: No matter how many times you fail, or how many doors are closed in your face, just keep pushing forward. Hard work is the most satisfying.

-PASSION: For me, Parsons wasn't easy. If I wasn't completely obsessed and passionate about my craft I would have probably given up a long time ago. Find what fuels your passion & don't let it run dry. 

-FAITH: Not everyone is going to "get you" or believe in what you're doing - but if this is the dream in your heart - hold tight to that and have faith that no matter how hard the journey is you're going to see your dream come to pass... even if it takes longer than expected. :)  

What's next for you? 

I have no idea what the next step is. But I am SO excited for what'ever it is. I really believe in this collection and want to try and sell it to a few smaller retailers. But, ideally I am looking for an assistant designer position with a company I can really set my roots down and grow with. There is still so much I want to learn about this industry - I want to continue to step outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries.


Photographer: Sam Gold

Models: Estella at APM Model Management 

Iggy at  Q Model Management

Hair & Makeup: Kelsey Morgan

Styling Assistants: Morgan Jordan  Rebecca Alaniz 

Photo Assistants: David Hans Cooke  Peter Senzamici

Location: Fast Ashleys Studio, Brooklyn, NY




Behind The scenes of our Look Book Collection one

Anastasiia Ostapovich

Working on our look book was such a blast! We love it how everybody brought their talents to the table and did an absolutely beautiful job. It was so much fun on set with our Model Erin, Candice Crawford and Anastasiia our creative director for Osta Jewelry. Peace:)

Osta Jewelry Look Book Behind The Scenes
Osta Jewelry Look Book Behind The Scenes

Natalie Daemi's clothing complimented our look book. Also love how she styled our Osta rings.

Osta Jewelry Look Book Behind The Scenes

Photographer: Joshua Tug 

Hair&MUA: Candice Crawford 

Model: Erin Allen

Clothing Designer: Natalie Daemi